Are You Unknowingly Ignoring Mobile and Tablet Users?

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Here is an article by an agency that mentions the importance of mobile and tablet visibility through responsive websites:

It’s a new day for online traffic, experiences, and expectations. Smartphones and tablets continue to grow at staggering rates. Currently almost a third of first-time visits to your site will be on a smartphone or tablet… and the numbers continue to trend aggressively up from there. The problem arises because most church websites were not designed with smartphone and tablet users in mind. Their experiences and expectations are just as high as those viewing a website on a notebook or desktop computer. Many have “mobile sites” which represent an outdated solution. Mobile sites typically represent a scaled back version of the site which does not meet the expectations of device users with faster connections and hi-resolution screens. They are expecting a rich interface and interactive experience, something that older “mobile sites” are not capable of providing. You can expect the smartphone and tablet user demands to continue to increase. Today there is no reason why a smartphone user cannot have the same website experience and functionality as desktop users. Having a fully responsive website is not a luxury, it’s essential in today’s web world. Forbes listed having a responsive website as one of its top 3 online trends for 2014.

TAKEAWAY: If your site is not a responsive design website, then you’re not prepared for your audience’s online expectations. Responsive website design ensures you are providing a rich, fully engaging website experience no matter the device.


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